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Comment ne pas payer sa maison dans Animal Crossing ? Dansez !! 

Money money money !!!

Tom Nook wants money from everything ! But these birds are clever than him and know how to avoid this :B

They explain to you how to make him forget about the money and then live and expand your house for free ! 

We have to try this on Animal Crossing Wii U :p

… Tom Nook is really on fire !

A test, the next one will be more animated and about something lot’s of people wait =)

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Haven’t kept track of the new Sailor Moon GE merchandise in a long time, so here’s a bunch of new & upcoming items!! Part 1 of 2!

"You’ve got six people in a fountain at 4:00 in the morning, who are about to embark on a journey, and they just have no idea what’s in store for them.”Matthew Perry

—- September 22nd, 1994 —-

gon x killua x bisuke | artist: cosmo


gon x killua x bisuke | artist: cosmo
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みこりん (// ∇ //)

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this spoke to me


this spoke to me

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30 days Hunter x Hunter challenge

Day 23: Favorite female character ➝ Biscuit Krueguer
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goodbye hisoka

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// nothings stopping you from turning your town into an inferno



for those who do not know who cybersix is.

I always feel so pained when people don’t know Cybersix.

Cybersix is a forgotten national treasure of Canadian programming — it’s an unexpected collaboration between the Japanese studio TMS Animation and the Canadian animation network Teletoon. It’s a loose adaptation of the Argentine comic of the same name and cancelled only after a 13 episode season run (probably because it was too good to exist) and market distribution thereafter has been limited and obscure at best.

The MC is genderqueer/nonbinary who presents as a male teacher by day and a lady crime fighter by night, has a brother who also happens to be a panther who also fights crime, has a bara love interest who is drawn to both identities, the villains are ex-Nazi SS agents, AMAZING ANIMATION, and so many other great things.

Also the opening is gorgeous.

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